RSI Show off Planetary Landings

In the recent Star Citizen News letter we got some interesting information about the upcoming additions to the game. The main addition being the rrocedurally generated planets and moons that will soon be added to the game in 3.0 update, these are one of the main things that have been shown off and teased over... Continue Reading →

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The Thargoids are back!

So we've got some hot news straight from the Pleiades Sector, this alien base, and it's full of secrets but no sign of the thargoids themselves only some form of galaxy map in the roof of the main hall area when you link up an Unknown Probe, Artifact and Device into 3 slots around the centre... Continue Reading →

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The latest for Elite Dangerous 2.4

So as you may have seen in the past week is the news that in Elite Dangerous 2.4 the Thargoids from the original Elite Games and Lore. Now this was released as part of the community live streams with E3, though not a lot was revealed we do however have some idea to when it... Continue Reading →

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