Krillin and Piccolo confirmed for FighterZ

Earlier today on the Dragon Ball Games Facebook page and the news page, Bandai Namco had confirmed that the bald monk Krillin, and the Earth born Namekian Piccolo will be in FighterZ. The news was revealed in a similar way to when Trunks was announced. It was featured in the September issue of Shueisha's V-Jump... Continue Reading →

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Trunks trailer drop and info on Closed Beta.

At EVO this weekend Bandai dropped the official trailer for Future Trunks in FighterZ. We knew about this a few weeks ago from the Japanese leak but it's nice to get a trailer. The trailer shows off a bit of his moveset, including his Super Saiyan Transformation. Some of his moves include his Shining Sword... Continue Reading →

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