The latest for Elite Dangerous 2.4

So as you may have seen in the past week is the news that in Elite Dangerous 2.4 the Thargoids from the original Elite Games and Lore. Now this was released as part of the community live streams with E3, though not a lot was revealed we do however have some idea to when it... Continue Reading →

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The Steam Summer Sale Has Started 

Steam sales are something we all look forward to, especially if you like a bang for buck. The Steam Summer Sale has started today (22/06) and will end on the 5th July. In which, has a new system for getting goodies for every sale, this year includes a sticker book in which users complete quests... Continue Reading →

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We’re LIVE! Welcome to Feed The Games

Feed The Games, a brand new group project founded by me and created by a group of friends from the great land of the West Midlands, England! We are dedicated to delivering news, reviews and more in a modern style with a target for the younger generation. We want to give the younger generation the... Continue Reading →

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